Low-code backend to build modern apps

Store and query relational data on the cloud. Make it accessible over GraphQL and REST with a scalable, open-source backend.


What Makes Us Unique


Our software is open-source, meaning that anyone can access and modify the source code to suit their needs.

Straightforward, easy-to-use, and low-learning curve

Our software is designed with simplicity in mind, so even beginners can quickly learn how to use it.

Relational data, indexing, and aggregate functions

Our software supports advanced database features like relational data, indexing, and aggregate functions to help you manage your data efficiently.

Easy-to-understand and predictable pricing

We offer transparent pricing plans with no hidden fees, so you always know what you're paying for.

Dedicated and Enterprise plans

We offer dedicated and enterprise plans for businesses that require additional support and resources.

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Functionality without Complexity

Our user-friendly UI, SDKs, and APIs allow you to focus on your business while we take care of the infrastructure.

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Apps you can build with BackSwift

There are no limits to what you can build with BackSwift.
We have lots of start kits and examples to take inspiration from.

ReactJS Slack Clone

A React Slack Clone template using real-time, relational queries and authentication.

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Flutter User Login/SignUp

A user User Sign-up/Login Flutter starter kit to speed up your app development.

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React Native Login/SignUp

A user sign-up/login flutter template using Parse.User className.

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Simplify Your Backend

Interested in learning what's behind the scenes?

BackSwift is a backend platform that leverages open-source tools, including enterprise-grade products such as:

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BackSwift is the ultimate choice for businesses and developers looking to optimize their application development process. With its exceptional features and benefits, BackSwift stands out as a powerful tool that enables users to build faster, prioritize user experience, and save money.

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